For Individuals Who Used To Love Your Sega Genesis Games You May Want To Have A Look At The At Games Arcade Master

With regards to the current video games that are available today, you are going to find that there loads of individuals who actually prefer the old style video games from years earlier. One of the more popular systems which was around in the past was the Sega Genesis game, even though folks loved those games they no longer have their old system operating anymore. If you’ve ever made an effort to purchase one of the old Sega genesis games on Ebay you almost certainly already understand that they are selling for way more than they are worth. In this article we are going to be talking about one of the choices you have for playing your old Sega games and it is the At Games Arcade Master.

The product itself has 26 games already loaded into it, so you’ll have the ability to play games as soon as you get this device and hook it up to your television. For those of you who may have bought a plug and play game before you are most likely aware of the fact that they normally run on batteries, but this game uses regular household current. I am sure that many of you are going to be very happy with this, as this can end up saving you a lot of cash on batteries over the long haul.

Something I should point out is that many of the games can be a lot of fun to play and you’re going to have the opportunity to play Virtual Fighter 2, Sonic Spinball and my favorite Alien Storm. Needless to say there plenty of other games you can find in this item but these are a few of my favorite games and the games I enjoy playing most. And for individuals who are searching for other games which are not included on this device you will be glad to understand that you will have the ability to add games with the SD memory card slot.

A lot of people like the old arcade style controllers and you’re going to see that the tabletop controller which comes with this product is incredibly similar to these. There are six different buttons that are the actual size of arcade buttons as well as a joystick type controller, which makes these games a lot more enjoyable. One thing I should mention relating to this product would be the fact that you’re going to have to have a television that will accept RCA inputs since this is how you connect this to your TV.

There’ve been a few reviews on Amazon relating to this product and both of the folks provided this with a four star rating, which ought to tell you something regarding the quality of this product. A few of you could be wondering just how much this item costs and I ought to point out that Amazon is now selling this for $45.00.


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